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My New Book Is Now Available on Amazon!

I am excited to tell you that my new book Why Am I Scared? has finally been published. My clients often ask for book recommendations. So I thought it was time I wrote my own. It summarizes many of the ideas that influence my work with clients. It is a culmination of my experiences and learnings. Though it won't replace the books you will find in my book suggestions, I hope you [...]

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1000 Days Without Alcohol

I Quit Drinking I cannot believe it myself. It is 1000 days since my last drink. Do you drink? Or maybe you eat donuts? Smoke marijuana? Are addicted to the gym? We all use something to change our state. To make us feel better. You may not feel you are addicted. I don't think I was. I just finally admitted that I was using, rather than enjoying alcohol. Drinking was my hobb [...]

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Fix Your Grumpy Morning

I awoke grumpy and irritated. There seemed to be too much to do and everything was irritating me. Food in the fridge was going bad and needed cooking, dishes needed washing, unanswered emails, irritating social media posts, laundry to fold, optician appointment to make, repairs to organize. You may have days when you feel completely overwhelmed. Most of the time it's our sta [...]

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Don’t Let Being Scared Stop You

I woke this morning thinking about what I need to do to complete my book on Fear. I began to worry, thinking about some of the personal information I will be sharing. Maybe I don't want that out there in the world? I considered going back and deleting everything that might be embarrassing, or the stuff that no one knows about me. There will be stories I have never previously sh [...]

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A Letter To My Younger Self

A Letter to Me Writing a letter to your younger self is a wonderful way to evaluate choices and make better ones going forward. Read mine and then why not write your own? Dear Trish, There is so much I wish you knew right now. Then again if you knew it, you wouldn't be who you are, who I am. You have done well. In many areas you have really excelled. Yet there is so much [...]

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Do You Need A Time Out?

Do you need a Time Out?  People appear to be overwhelmed, angry and frustrated and some have forgotten how to be nice to each other. Ok that's the way the TV news channel would have us believe. The reality is that there is a beautiful world full of good people who want to help and support you. I encounter far more good people than the scary evil ones that we are sometimes l [...]

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Help For Feeling Completely Overwhelmed

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” ― Seneca Have you ever been completely taken aback by feeling of frustration and complete overwhelm? I began the day writing a blog that was going to knock your socks off.  It was to be full of inspiring tips of how to have an amazing day, then it all fell apart. Technology started to fail, my website wouldn't do wha [...]

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Golf Is All About Mindset

Mindset is a huge subject among those who are successful, whether in business, sports or entertainment. Though not a golfer I am particularly  fascinated by how mindset is integral to the game of golf, even though the player may not be aware of it. On a recent family vacation, I accompanied some of the guys on a golfing trip so I could see the game up close and personal. M [...]

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